Sunday, January 30, 2011

Battle for Trionoras: Week 3

The Chaos forces conducted an all out assault on Kasr Gerh. Space Marines of the Iron Legion and Death Mages were joined by a contingent of Traitor Imperial Guardsmen in this effort. Opposing them were Imperial Astartes and Sisters of Battle.

Traitor Imperial Guardsmen move towards the bombed out ruins of Kasr Gerh.

To the surprise of the Imperial Command, the Dark Angels defenders were lead by Belial and Sammael the masters of the Deathwing and Ravenwing.

Sammael and the Ravenwing move swiftly to outflank the Chaos forces.

The Dark Angels engaged the rebel forces in fierce city fighting. As the battle wore on, the traitor guardsmen found themselves unable to match the Deathwing Terminators in close combat. Overwhelmed, the rebels were forced to withdraw from the mission.

Having successfully repelled the traitor guardsmen, the Dark Angels were ordered by Imperial Command to support the Mechanicum Marines and Sisters of Battle. In a bizarre turn of events, Belial refused the request and teleported back to orbit in the Sword of Redemption. Despite their valiant efforts, the remaining Imperial forces were defeated by the Chaos Space marines. Kasr Gerh fell into the hands of the Chaos invaders.

Belial and his Terminators teleported out of the battlefield as soon as they secured this mysterious individual.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Battle for Trionoras: Week 2

"Show no Mercy for these Traitors!"
-Brother Sergeant Malachi

Following their defeat in PORT ILOL, the Chaos forces set their sights on the food producing city of KHOL KIMRA. Sensing this impending attack, the Imperial Command tasked the Dark Angels, lead by the Librarian Nicodemus, with the duty of defending this valuable territory.

The Chaos forces were frustrated in their assault as many of their troops were delayed in their arrival onto the battlefield. As a result, the early portion of the battle saw the Dark Angel gunline cutting down the invading forces as they charged forward in small segments. Infuriated by these early losses, the Khorne Lord sent wave after wave of more troops at the Dark Angels. The Chaos forces were so relentless in their attack that the tide of battle was beginning to swing in their favor. In the end, the Chaos commanders realized that they couldn't afford to lose any more marines in this single encounter. The traitorous forces were ordered to withdraw from the battle leaving KHOL KIMRA in the control of the Dark Angels.

Mission: Black Crusade
Result: Dark Angels (Win 11pts) - Chaos (Loss 5pts)