Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hobby Progress

Here's a bunch of Orks that I've finished painting up this week. There's a Big Mek with a kustom force field, Killa Kan with a kustom mega-blasta, Looted Wagon, Big Gunz crew made up of 6 Grots and a Runtherd and finally a Grot Orderly.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Obscurus Alpha Campaign: Week 2

Attention Imperial Command: This is Elroy Dansky submitting my account of another Ork battle. My apologies, I have no idea which sector the combat took place. My captors keep me locked in a dark cell and only bring me out when they want me to witness them slaughtering their human enemies.

The battle began this morning as the Ork camp was roused by the rumble of Imperial tanks and the loud barking of bolter fire. The Warboss immediately pulled me out of my cell and dumped me into the carriage of his Battlewagon.
I thought my eyes were deceiving me as I saw that the Orks were being raided by the Emperor's finest, the Astartes of the Ultramarines chapter! Gorgog Badzagga only seemed inspired by this challenge as he rounded up his boyz and dove headlong into the Space Marines. The Orks drove their Battlewagon into a Space Marine rhino, crushing it to ruin under their Deffrolla. The World Chompas were relentless in their attack, I even saw a Nob leap up and yank a Landspeeder out of the sky! Ultimately the battle was decided as Gorgog Badzagga met the Chaplain of the Ultramarines in hand to hand combat. The Chaplain fought valiantly, landing numerous blows with his Crozious. Somehow Gorgog remained standing and cut the Chaplain down with a mighty blow from his Power Klaw.

Chaplain meets Gorgog Badzagga.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Malifaux Begins!

Recently my buddy Tim and I have started up with the game Malifaux. So far it seems like a really fun system to play. Here's a pic of two newly painted minis - Copycat Killer and Seamus Avatar.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Obscurus Alpha Campaign: Week 1

Attention Imperial Command: My name is Elroy Dansky, janitorial serf assigned to Space Port Carnus Octavian. The Orks have overrun our facility. All the Imperial Guardsmen defending this territory are either fled or slain. Of the civilian laborers, I am the only survivor. The Orks have eaten everyone else. The Ork Warboss has kept me alive to inform you of this and all of his future conquests.

The Orks caught us off guard with their initial attack. They assaulted our lines with their helicopter-like contraptions. One of our command units was immediately forced to withdraw from the battle. In response, the guardsmen directed their heavy weapons at the oncoming Ork transport vehicles. First, we managed to destroy one of their lightly armoured vehicles and the squad of orks it was carrying. Then one of the Leman Russ tanks shot its demolisher cannon at an Ork Battlewagon. The shell made a direct hit destroying the Xenos tank in a spectacular explosion. For a brief moment morale among the guardsmen was high, that was until they heard a roar of overwhelming fury from across the battlefield. Our hearts sank as as we saw the Warboss and his personal guard of Nobz emerging from the flaming wreckage unscathed. They charged right into our defensive forces, tearing apart any tanks or guardsmen in their path. It was only a matter of time until the Space Port was in their control.

May the Emperor forgive me for serving as the Orks' messenger - I am only a coward. The Warboss wanted me to tell you that his name is Gorgog Badzagga the Terror of Taros and the Overfiend of Ovaris. His tribe calls themselves the "World Chompas."

World Chompas capture the Space Port.