Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Taros Campaign: Ork Victory!

It was a long and grueling campaign but Warboss Gorgog Badzagga and his World Chompas finally managed to drive the Imperial forces out of Taros.

With the desert planet overrun by Orks, Imperial command decided that the time had come to accept defeat and make their retreat. The final battle saw the Guard with their backs against the wall. Their primary objective was to simply slow down the Ork horde in an attempt to buy time for the evacuation of the human population. Assigned with this task was a mechanized force of Imperial Guardsmen being led by a Shadowsword super-heavy tank. The Ork Warboss sent a mechanized force of his own to break through the Imperial defensive line. To ensure his victory, Badzagga deployed his prized Stompa, Gorg-zilla.

The battle had a disastrous start for the Guardsmen as their Shadowsword was immediately struck by an Ork missile. The blast managed to destroy the tank's powerful volcano cannon. The Imperials were never able to recover from this loss as Gorg-zilla was free to run amok. With just one sweep of it's supa-gatler, the Stompa destroyed a squadron of three chimeras. Protected by a Kustom Force Field, the ork infantry were able to safely reach the front line of the Imperial forces. The Orks managed to assault and destroy a squadron of three Leman Russ tanks.

With Planet Taros free of the Imperial Guard and Blood Angel Space Marines, Warboss Gorgog Badzagga soon found himself bored. So he loaded his Battleship with a fresh supply of food (i.e. human slaves) and set off to the stars in search of new wars to wage.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

High Executioner Reznik

Thanks to the Jedi mind tricks of my bud, Tim Divar, I find myself delving into the geeky awesomeness that is Warmachine. While Warhammer 40k is still my favorite system, I think that Warmachine is a great way to mix things up and avoid burn out.

After looking over the various factions in the Iron Kingdoms, it was the Protectorate of Menoth that popped out to me as the most interesting. What could be cooler than fielding an army of crusading religious zealots?! I also find that their model range has a lot of really fun and characterful miniatures available.

Here's a picture of High Executioner Reznik, the Warcaster that's leading my force:

As soon as I saw his model, I knew that Reznik would be commanding my army. He's actually the first Protectorate miniature that I've painted. While the standard Menoth paint scheme consists of white and purple I chose to go a different direction. I really wanted my army to feel very imposing and "inquisitorial" so I went with black, red and gold (sorry Khador.) Overall, I'm pleased with how he turned out and now I'm looking forward to painting up some warjacks.