Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trionoras: Final Battle at St. Gaven Bridge

The remaining Chaos forces on Trionoras once again assaulted St. Gaven Bridge. The combined forces of the Imperial Guard, Space Wolves, Sisters of Battle and Dark Angels successfully repelled the attacking rebels. Following this defeat, the Chaos lords ordered a complete withdrawal from Trionoras.

Belial leads the Deathwing to victory.

Moments before his death, a lone Ravenwing sgt. challenges a Defiler.

The Dark Angels capture a vital objective.

Trionoras: Assault on Khol Anka

The Imperial forces attacked the final Chaos held territory on Trionoras. The rebel Space Marines fought relentlessly, momentarily stopping the advance of the Dark Angels and Blood Angels. Ultimately, it was the Space Wolves who managed to break the defensive line and deliver Khol Anka into Imperial control.

The Dark Angel scouts show no fear even as the "Hand of Chaos" reaches into the battlefield.

Hobby Update: Infinity

I've had a starter box of Aleph faction Inifnity models for a while now. So last week I decided to actually start putting them together. Since the Aleph are ultra high-tech, I didn't want to base them in the usual sand and rocks style. Instead, I went with some plasticard and etched brass bits.

I have no idea if the actual game is any good but I definitely think that the Infinity line of miniatures are some of the best in the industry. See for yourself - Infinity.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Change is Coming!

Here's a picture of my work in progress Daemon Prince:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trionoras: Defense of St. Gaven Bridge

A large contingent of Chaos Space Marines assaulted St. Gaven Bridge. Imperial command sent Space Marines of the Space Wolves, Blood Angels and Dark Angels chapters in its defense. After engaging in brutal combat, the two forces were locked in a stalemate. St. Gaven Bridge remained under Imperial control.